June 24, 2013


Finally a blog post - well not really, I'm just redirecting you to my photography blog, since I update that one a whole lot more than this one.
 Just some pictures of my gracie.
One of these days I WILL start blogging on here again!

June 22, 2012

10 randoms

Ok so this is a totally random post with a lot of totally random pictures. Lots of random thoughts floating around in my head that need to get out of there. In no particular order whatsoever :)

1. Rompers. Seriously? Maybe I'm totally unfashionable and unhip (ok I know I am), but seriously does anyone think they look good? ON AN ADULT?? I just don't get them. At all. I'm hoping it's just a passing trend, like neon. And colored jeans. The only human that I've ever seen that can kind of pull off the romper was a very,very cute baby. And still I was like "really, a romper??" Just so we're clear, you will never see me sportin' the romper. EVER. And how fun is it to go to the bathroom while wearing that thing. Nope. Never gonna happen. And sorry if you love the romper trend and sport them on occasion and I just offended you. I'm sure you look fab in it :\

2. Pinterest. I don't even think I need to elaborate on this one. It's just plain and simple awesomeness. A dream come true. I don't know who was the inventor of this, but he is friggin genius. Except now instead of 10 projects on my to-do list, I have about 5 million. And my house is messier.

3. Instagram. I shouldn't have to elaborate on this one either. Pure awesomeness. A crazy picture-taking addict's dream. I'll take instagram and pinterest over facebook ANYDAY! Love, love, love, it.

4. Parents and sports. Ok now I'm gonna get about as opinionated as you'll ever see me. And that's not a lot. But seriously. I'm talking about those parents that complain about EVERYTHING when it come to their kids sports. And it's always the same parents. It drives me bonkers. Up the wall. And the thing that makes me the most mad is that it is almost ALWAYS the parents who have NEVER played sports that cause the most problems. They have NO clue how sports are run and what it takes to coach, organize, and play sports. It seriously is ruining sports. And I feel so sorry for their kids. They will always be known as the kid with the crazy parents who no one wants on their teams. Seriously parents - grow up!! Life and sports aren't always FAIR. Drives me nutty. And if you're one of those parents, seriously chillax. And maybe put your kids in plays. Or maybe dance. Ok change the subject.

5. Moths. Don't care for them. They're right up there with mice. And bats.

6. Maxi dresses. Now on the opposite side of the fashion trends, here is one that I am in love with. Seriously, is there anything more comfy and cute? It's like wearing a nightgown (not that I wear those, but I imagine them to be very comfy), to church. I kinda want to wear them all day every day. No yankin pants up, no muffin top, just free and flowing amazingness. And lets not even talk about how well they hide bodily flaws (or fatness, whichever word you prefer). And you can wear them pregnant or not pregnant. No need to pack them away for 9 months. The most flattering thing in my closet? Probably not. But love 'em anyways!!

7. Campers. Please tell me I'm not the only one that doesn't have one (or getting one). Seriously what is it with people and camping these days. Sure, a few days up in waterton with the fam is great and all, but fun enough to spend mounds of moula on a camper?? And just to set the record straight, I don't hate camping, but I don't necessarily love it either. And I can get dirty, I sometimes like to get dirty, and if you see my kids in the summertime, they are most likely dirty. But I have ZERO desire to go buy a camper. I'm happy that I have a hubby that shares this view. BTW I would rather spend my money on cameras/lenses. Sadly, hubby does NOT share that view :(

8. My baby. So massively in-friggin love with him. Can't get enough. Ever. I could kiss those cheeks off everyday. I crave him when I'm not with him, even if its for a few hours. He makes me crazy (the good kind). I wish I could keep him a baby forever. And he turns one next month. Such a depressing thought. I think it gets harder when you are at the end (or near the end) of having babies. I hate it. But he is soo much fun and we all completely adore him to pieces. I am so blessed!

9. Kinda excited for summer. Last year was kind of a wipe out with the baby being born and all, so I'm quite looking forward to lazy, hot, non-scheduled summer days. 

10. Confession time. I'm not gonna lie - but I'm really liking the bachlorette this season (please tell me I'm not the only one). Guilty pleasure (sorry mom!!) Emily is a sweetheart and seems to have her head on straight. And the guys at the end seem pretty good. Except for chris. Can't stand him. I am rootin for Sean or Jeff (btw i heard jeff is a mormon?). Anyways, kinda enjoy it. Hope your opinion of me didn't just go down the tubes :) 

And what better way to end a completely random post, 
than with completely random instagram photos.

(can't seem to get this collage any bigger. Anyone know how to do it??)

May 14, 2012

maysa's birthday part 2

I had to blog maysa's bday in two separate posts.
Not because we did anything extravagant on her birthday, but just because I took too many darn pictures and didn't want anyone to fall asleep looking at them all. You're welcome.
So here is part 2

The weather was beautiful on her birthday
so we went to Henderson park and Jimmy went and picked up pizza for us. We're pretty high class like that.
The kids had a blast!

And I promise my husband did not kill anyone after this pic.
If it's not obvious from his facial expression, he just loves  getting his picture taken ;)

Another attempt at a picture of all 5 kids.
Heaven forbid they might all be looking normal (heck I would be happy if they were all just looking!)
for once!!

May 9, 2012


It seems like birthdays are all I blog about lately.
What can I say - we've had a slew of birthdays this spring.

this little girlie is now a 5 year old!!
How is that possible? Soo crazy!
It pretty much makes me wanna cry.

We did a little photoshoot on her birthday.
If in the right mood (and with a little bribing), this gal is money.
She is quite the poser.

So we took a million few pics.

Those big brown eyes kill me. 

and that smile...

I told her to give me some poses and this is what I got

So grateful for this little munchkin!
Love her to pieces!

April 15, 2012

happy belated Easter

happy belated Easter!
I'm only a week late this time.

Every time I try to get pictures of all my kids together,
I am reminded why I VERY rarely ever get pictures of all my kids together.
Out of about 50 pictures (seriously) these were the only two that were decent enough (kind of) to make it to the blog.
 Good thing I kinda love these sweet faces anyways :) 


My Ryder had a birthday a few weeks ago.
And he is now a nine-year old.

These pictures are a very good likeness of this kid.
He NEVER wears a shirt (unless he has to of course).
The second he gets home from school, the shirt is off.
I have NO idea why he does this.

Ryder is the complete definition of a boy.
He loves everything "boy".
From riding horses, branding, and working with his dad.

to playing hockey.
And he is so obsessed with hockey right now. 
That's all he talks about.
That's all he wants to play. Ever. (just ask his sisters- they get so tired of him bribing them to play with him).
All he wants to watch on tv is hockey (and sometimes the odd baseball,football or basketball game). 
For his birthday all he wanted was the hockey package on direct tv so he could watch all the NHL games. 
Sorry to say (but not really, a girl can only take so much hockey :)) he didn't get his wish.

He played defence (and sometimes center) on his novice team this year. He plays with so much heart and makes it so much fun to watch. They only lost 2 games this season (and lets just say a few tears were shed each time).

His hockey team ended up winning the league championship.
He was just a little excited.
I just wish I would have had my video ready to record his celebration dance. Darn! It was a gooder!

This was at the triathalon last summer

and coach pitch last spring

His most favorite Christmas present. 
The Crosby jersey.
And a pretty sweet bedhead.

Despite how much of a BOY this kid is, he still manages to be my most sensitive kid.
He seems to be able to sense when I need his help the most.
And he is always the first to say "I love you mom".
I can never say I love you without him saying it back. Every time.
Love it, and oh how I love this boy!!